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Hi again. Here’s another old fic that I wrote on my old blog, I have a few different ship prompts that I want to try to get to this weekend but school is slowly killing me really crazy lately! So here’s another lil short Kurtbastian drabble.

Summary: NYADA Dance Teacher Sebastian walks in on Kurt practicing. (Very random and short sorry!)

Kurt let out a slow breath as he stretched his long arms down to his feet carefully. Mornings like these were always his favorite, when he was alone in the dance studio and the only sounds that were heard was the creaking of the old, wooden floors as Kurt walked over them. He stood back up slowly and looked at himself in the mirror, he had some circles under his eyes from staying up late studying for multiple finals he had this week. Yet here he was at the crack of dawn, wide-awake. Kurt closed his eyes and released a soft breath as he began to move gracefully over the floor to an old song that was stuck in his head, making up his own routine as he went along. This was his therapy, he could feel the stress leaving his muscles as he continued to turn and twist fluently through the studio.

Kurt would have danced like this for hours, but a male clearing his throat in the doorway interrupted his session.

“Are you supposed to be in this room?” A tall man with messy brown hair asked as he stepped into the dance studio.

Kurt wrung his hands nervously when he noticed who the man was, “Mr. Smythe- I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be here on a Sunday so… I just let myself in.” He said nervously. Sebastian Smythe was one of the hardest dance professors at NYADA, Kurt had heard horror stories about the professor kicking students out of his class for just looking at him the wrong way. Rumor has it that Sebastian was kicked off a Broadway stage for yelling at a man in the audience for his cell phone ringing during one of his performances.

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